The pupil of one of schools in Columns attacked with a knife on the teacher and students, a teacher and one of the Teens died.

The head of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev announced that has suspended his Deputy Yevgeny Rimuka during the investigation in the case of Catherine Gandzyuk.

The U.S. should not exclude the possibility of Russian military presence in Venezuela.

The Solomensky district court of Kiev postponed to February 28 consideration of the limitation of detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of the investigation of criminal proceedings according to the "Rotterdam plus" up to 1 month.

The firm, owned by the family found guilty of infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine Deputy head of the occupation administration of Sevastopol Kizimenko, won last year the tender for half a billion hryvnia.

The state enterprise "Kharkov armored plant" has upgraded hundreds of T-64 tanks sample of 2017.

in the practice of international law of the sea forever entered "Ukrainian warning" - the agreement on distribution of the amounts "for administrative costs" (i.e. bribes) which carries a vessel in Ukrainian ports, between shipowner and cargo owner. These amounts are so significant that affect freight.

The head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Manger declared suspicion in the murder of activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

The leader of the "Samopomich", the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovy said about how the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2016 were offered him to remove the garbage blockade the city, and argues that the condition of the head of state was the transition of "Samopomich" in another discipline.

In the area of the settlement Pikuz Donetsk oblast, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the dugout of the Russian terrorists of "DNR".

State enterprise "Kharkov armored plant" has upgraded hundreds of T-64 tanks sample of 2017, said the President Petro Poroshenko.