Attempts to organize riots in places of meetings of voters with candidates - a threat to the elections and try to disrupt them.

Facebook owned messenger, WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow you to determine a real picture or is it fake.

The court in the case of the Odessa plant "region" explored the evidence for the prosecution.

A priest of the UOC-MP Gideon Charon, who is the prior of arbitrarily built on the old Kiev hill Church, in the airport Boryspil was detained by border guards and prepare his deportation.

In the Polish capital Warsaw opened a memorial plaque in memory of the Military mission of the Ukrainian people's Republic.

A consequence of the FSB rejected the petition of protection of wounded prisoners of war of Ukrainian sailors Andrew Adera, Andrey Artemenko and Basil magpies on their extradition to Ukraine or to a neutral country.

Assets of investment and pension funds managed by the investment group ICU in Ukraine to 2018 is up 14% – up to UAH 3.5 bn.

IFC expects to launch international agricultural receipts in the spring of 2019.

Closer to the settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine for four years has failed, said the OSCE representative to the Trilateral contact group on Ukraine Martin Sajdik.

Ukrainian political prisoner Vladimir Baloga brought from Kerch colony in the detention center of Simferopol, likely to participate in the hearing

Protection of the suspect in the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk Vladislav manger asks the court for a postponement on February 14.