At the checkpoint "Krakovets" during the inspection of the passenger vehicle "Citroen" with the Polish rooms, the guards found a cache which was hidden in a 4080 packs of cigarettes.

The higher chamber of Polish Parliament would not wait for the conclusions of bilateral Polish-Israeli groups of experts, which agreed premiers of the two countries Mateus Moravicki and Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Lugansk region recorded the first laboratory-confirmed case of diphtheria.

Former Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Yevhen Korniychuk has awarded compensation for moral damages 6.5 thousand euros, and the former head of the state customs Committee - 10 thousand Euro.

In the winery is temporarily suspended training in all secondary schools of the city from 31 January to 6 February in connection with the increase in the incidence of SARS and influenza.

The Venice Commission in its recommendations does not mention the exact number of judges who must work in the anti-corruption court, but there should be a sufficient number.

The Kyiv Prosecutor's office sent to court indictment against the former head of the Department of the Public Executive service of head Department of justice of Ministry of justice of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The naval forces of the USA in Europe posted a video intercept Russian su-27 fighter jet of the us spy plane EP-3 Aries II in international airspace over the Black sea.

First Vice-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Irina Gerashchenko commented on the publication in the US a Memorandum of the Ministry of Finance on 2друзьях Putin."

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday said that the us administration does not limit in any way the business contacts of citizens of the United States or any other country with the Russian people appearing in "the Kremlin report."

The national Bank set for Wednesday, January 31, exchange rate of hryvnia at the level 28,0088 UAH/$, strengthened him for 24 pennies.