Another member of the Russian occupation troops, a resident of Golubovka (Kirovsk) in Luhansk region sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

The police received information about the explosion at the building of the Russian Embassy in Solomenskiy district of the capital. It turned out that exploded high voltage cable. As a result of explosion nobody has suffered.

On 12 April, the armed forces of the Russian Federation of 14 times fired at positions of divisions of the United forces, seven times applying Minsk agreements prohibited weapons and spending 64 a mortar of calibre of 120 and 82 mm. Also, the enemy shelled our defenders of grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms.

The European Commission (EC) has prepared a list of US products on which import duties would be introduced, and presented them to member countries of the EU, said the Agency DPA, citing sources in the community.

According to the German newspaper, the sanctions lifted with 9 Ukrainians from the entourage of Viktor Yanukovych because of lack of evidence.

Founder of the Chinese technology company Xiaomi Lei Jun has received an award worth more than 962 million dollars.

In the area of operations of the combined forces in organized stages voted not only soldiers APU.

Lisichansk gelatin plant exploded equipment. Partially collapsed facade, under the rubble found the body of a woman.

Ukraine represented by the Ministry of justice filed an appeal in the case of the recovery of the debt by the Russian company Tatneft of $112 million plus interest after the loss of the assets.

The United States expanded sanctions list for Venezuela – they added another four companies and nine oil tankers, the report said the U.S. Treasury Department.

The leader of the "NF" Yatsenyuk convinced that Ukraine needs to go its own way democratic, effective, professional and Pro-Western.