Deputies of the Lviv city Council adopted a resolution "On approval of the investment project "construction of the suspension review ropeway for use by the recreational opportunities of the Park "High castle".

For duty in Kyiv brought the police special assignment unit of the tactical and operational response of the police patrol.

In the Lviv area more than 500 volunteers planted 77 million trees in eight hours, setting a national record of Ukraine.

In Ukraine over 2018 has increased the number of operating agricultural service cooperatives for 125 units, today there are around 735.

In the river police arrested the two guys who beat 48-year-old man and threw him off the bridge into the river, recording the process on video. A man is dead.

The Prosecutor's office of the Swiss city of Porrentruy questioned the President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko, who is suspected of threatening a journalist Arnaud Trouble.

Brexit may not take place if the Parliament and the government in London will not be able to reach a compromise on the Treaty with Brussels.

In the war zone in the Donbas Russian mercenaries from anti-tank grenade fired at the private sector of the village of Golden-4 in Luhansk region. Victims and victims among the population there.

Ukrainian film Director and writer Irina Cilic urged citizens to support a wrongfully convicted in the Russian Federation, journalist Roman Sushchenko and other political prisoners.

In the UK began to issue passports without the words "European Union" on the cover, despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Yesterday in the Main military medical clinical centre of the State border service of Ukraine in Kiev Kramatorsk helicopter evacuated a soldier of the border guard detachment was wounded in the area of operations of the joint forces.