As of the morning of April 12 worldwide registered 1 777 666 cases of infection with coronavirus. In the first place by the number of infections remains the United States.

In the zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the ter ritory Korogodsky, Denisovskogo and Kotovsky forestry is still observed decay herbal flooring separate pockets.

Dozens of ambulances with patients who have suspected pneumonia and COVID-19, got stuck in traffic at the entrance to the clinical center FMBA in Moscow suburb of Khimki.

In Brovary began a large-scale fire from the arson of a dry grass. Rescuers arrived at the scene of the fire and trying to extinguish the fire.

Microsoft will provide $20 million to combat coronavirus COVID-19 within the framework created by the American company of a program AI for Health. Thanks to her academics and non-profit organizations and companies in the healthcare sector will be able to get access to tools for processing data, including by using artificial intelligence.

April 11, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has registered seven cases of acute respiratory illness COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The police of the Town on 10 April, it was reported that a group of people drink alcohol near high -rise buildings.

Irshavsky the chief doctor of district hospital, "not to spoil the stunning epidemiological situation", has concealed information about COVID-19 the patient, who soon died.

In Moscow there is a difficult situation due to the spread of the coronavirus. In emergency mode all work at the hospital.

In the Lviv region died 75-year-old patient, who was diagnosed with coronavirus infection.