Several dozen Pro-Russian activists, mainly elderly and retired, held timed to the may 1 rally at the Opera house in Odessa.

NAK "Naftogaz Ukraine" in may raised the minimum prices for gas for industrial consumers by 5.5% to 9,142 thousand hryvnia ($349) per thousand cubic meters, including VAT, compared with April.

From 1 may 2018 under the new pricing offers "Naftogaz" of natural gas for industrial consumers and other economic entities.

Scientists at the University of South Carolina are studying the ability of animals and insects to adapt to life in the Chernobyl zone, to develop mechanisms to protect the astronauts from radiation.

During the fight, which occurred on 30 April in Kiev, the people's Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Moustapha Nayem several times lost consciousness.

Due to the failure of the sewer at the intersection of Leskov and Dahl in Nikolaev in the drains flooded the whole street. The utility while can not do anything.

In Kharkov the rally and procession on the occasion of may 1 was attended by about 100 people.

In Zhytomyr, the nationalists tried to prevent the supporters of the left forces to hold a may day rally.

Assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Wes Mitchell reminded the leadership of the Russian Federation taken on the 2008 obligations.

Advanced combat module "Duplet", intended for the modernization of armored vehicles, has been successfully tested.

In the largest city of Brazil, são Paulo, a 26-story building collapsed after it was engulfed in flames. Killed at least one person.