President Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of the defender and with the Intercession of the Holy virgin. He noted that October 14 was the official day only three years ago, but immediately had to shower and caught on surprisingly quickly for two reasons.

The investigative Committee of neighboring Russia opened a criminal case against the Director of the Kerch company "Tral" from the multi-million dollar non-payment of salaries to employees.

Triple holiday falls on a Saturday, so the Ukraine will have 3 public holidays.

Twitter began to cooperate with the authorities after allegations of a serious attitude to the investigation of the interference of Russia in the U.S. presidential election

At the end of the last day in the ATO area, the situation remained tense, however, is fully controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The enemy continued firing provocations, mostly using light infantry weapons.

Ukraine goes to the ten-year guarantee contractors on the quality of repair of roads.

The new Metropolitan branch of the manifold will be launched in a week, said mayor Vitaly Klitschko in an interview on the TV channel "Kyiv" on October 13.

The new Director-General of the UN educational, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) elected former Minister of culture of France Audrey Azul.

150 kilometers of the Ukrainian border with Hungary are private and represent the common land.

After the story of the secret transfer of simensovskih turbines in the Crimea, which came to Sochi to his fellow businessmen Joe KAESER eloquently reminded by their absence, Russia will become harder to attract German investors and partners.