The staff of tax police of Office of large taxpayers GFS exposed officials of one of state enterprises in the Lviv region, who have carried out illegal sale of property that was in tax pledge, in the amount of more than 29 million UAH.

The national Agency for prevention of corruption believes the review of the Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchishin regarding the work and composition of the NACP untrue.

In the Sumy area the staff of tax police exposed the evasion of more than 45 million UAH of the VAT.

The Metropolitan police began collecting materials in connection with the occupation of the representatives of nationalist organizations of the premises helipad fugitive Viktor Yanukovych on Park street in Kiev.

Today Stavropol regional court refused to cancel the arrest in absentia of former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Poroshenko thanked the President of Malta for the extension of sanctions against Russia.

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) on your website already submitted to the booking system of the new non-stop train, which will run between Kyiv and Lviv via Vienna.

Workers in the maintenance, operation and monitoring of technological equipment, Assembly of equipment and machines as well as skilled workers with the tool become the most popular source of vacancies offered by employers in September.

At the same time, the court refused to admit the case is politically motivated.

Saakashvili shares under the Rada called on the people to demand the President to leave the post.

The parliamentary faction of the "Samopomich" and "Fatherland" is considered unacceptable removal of inviolability from deputies only from 2020, as provided by the presidential draft law.