"Movement new forces," Mikheil Saakashvili decided to continue the action under the Verkhovna Rada, the remaining members will continue the struggle by other methods.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the new sanctions law, the United States is trying to oust the Russian Federation on energy markets of Europe.

The spiritual administration of Muslims of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea are officially registered in the territory of mainland Ukraine

People's Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt was removed from the flight at the airport "Kiev", when he tried to fly to Germany.

The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said Thursday in an interview with Spanish radio station, Cadena cope, that no country of Europe does not recognize the independence of Catalonia from Spain.

The people's deputies - authors of the draft law on anti-corruption courts (No. 6011) registered in February 2017, withdrew its draft from Parliament.

The Republic of Korea supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, ready to support its economy.

Court of the European Union upheld the freezing of assets of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his son Alexander.

Current global trends in the situation of child mortality show that from 2017 to 2030, the world will die around 60 million children under the age of five years, half of them will be newborns.

Russian authorities accused the Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom, which is in the remand prison of Krasnodar, in the "preparation of a terrorist attack in the school."

At the entrance to Kramatorsk Donetsk region yesterday, October 18, at the checkpoint during the inspection of documents detained 23-year-old mercenary "Hold".