Russian security services say about the suppression of attempt of smuggling 20 tons of agricultural products from Ukraine.

It is connected with the festivities associated with the Day of defender of Ukraine.

"NF" does not consider yesterday's statements by Yulia Tymoshenko television broadcast something sensational.

A new team of top managers of "Railways", headed by acting Chairman of the management Board Evgeny Kravtsov pulled away from the fight against corruption within the company.

To date, the state property was returned 34 land plots with a total area of over 132 hectares.

Before that will actually last a period of transition for CTV and other companies involved in the system.

The BYUT leader made a statement during the broadcast on television.

In the morning the staff reported one wounded warrior.

Ukrainian army has received in 2017, more than 1,3 thousand units of weapons and military equipment, and at the beginning of next year will receive about 1 thousand

Lawyer and human rights activist Emil Kurbedinov said that today throughout Russia annexed the Crimea on the pickets against the repression of security forces against the Crimean Tatars, the Muslims left more than 100 people.

Military who are on the front line, will be paid not less than three thousand hryvnia, and the second and third lines – not less than a thousand