The Republic of Belarus has introduced temporary restrictions on pork imports from Odessa, Luhansk, Vinnytsia and Rivne oblasts in connection with the outbreaks in these areas of acute viral diseases of animals – African swine fever (ASF).

The information disseminated by many publications (the source of "Economic truth") that the MPs from the "Samopomich" bereziuk, Ostrikova and Semenukha filed an amendment to the draft Budget, which lobbies for the interests of individual agricultural holdings in obtaining agricultural subsidies, is not true.

Military-air forces of the USA for the first time since 1991, beginning to lead the strategic B-52 bombers on alert.

The first foreign Minister of post-Soviet Russia Andrey Kozyrev has commented on the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said at a meeting of the Valdai club that the ex-Minister "there is no head, only the skull".

At checkpoints in the Donetsk region, law enforcement officers in a week arrested 22 militants and their accomplices.

The woman who stole the baby from six weeks of kindergarten in Kiev, on Monday, October 23, to elect a measure of restraint.

In Kiev city Administration commented on the information about the outage because of the debt of "Kyivenergo".

Now the court directs Viktor Kryvenko in the status of acting

The driver of the Volkswagen Touareg, which has become a party to a fatal accident in the center of Kharkov on 18 October, 49-year-old Gennady drones is not an employee of the security Service of Ukraine.

The party of Mikheil Saakashvili "movement new forces" intends to prepare an appeal about the opening of criminal proceedings against officials of the National guard of Ukraine from-for detention and deportation from the country three Georgians about what the politician said yesterday.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine has developed a plan of transition to monetary calculations on subsidies, which will consist of three stages.