A second member of a fatal accident that occurred on the evening of 18 October in the centre of Kharkov, - the driver of the Volkswagen Touareg Gennady drones is currently in the hospital treatment, said his lawyer Sergei Perepelitsa.

In the course of the day, the ATO area, the main activity of the Russian-occupation groups were recorded in the coastal areas.

Metropolitan court chose a measure of restraint for the 20-year-old Dianne Shawl, which is October 20, kidnapped the child from a kindergarten in Kiev.

The Ministry of education and science, said that each national minority is an individual approach in the implementation of the language provisions of the law "On education", which will depend on the characteristics of the minority and its pedagogical needs.

Holosiivskyi court of Kyiv on 23 October, withdrew the so-called "business diamond prosecutors".

The ambassadors of the countries "Big seven" I welcome the adoption of the law on medical reform in Ukraine and expect its full implementation.

Ukraine and Poland signed an agreement between the Ministries of education concerning the language of article of the Ukrainian law "About education".

Among the institutions of the state and society the most confidence of citizens have volunteer organizations (trust them, 66.7% of respondents), the Church (64,4%), the Armed forces of Ukraine (57.3 percent), volunteer battalions (53.9 per cent).

In case of holding in Ukraine's parliamentary elections in the near future in the Verkhovna Rada would get seven parties.

Today the state is pursuing strategic reforms in the electricity and gas market, which will radically change the situation in the fuel and energy industry of Ukraine. However, the provision of energy resources is of concern to market participants.

The company Emergofin B. V. (investor - ed), which is a bona fide purchaser of 68.01% stake in the Zaporozhye aluminum plant, bought with the consent of the state property Fund of Ukraine in April 2006, said about the illegal actions of the Ukrainian authorities, deprived the investor of this property without any compensation and trying to re-privatize the mentioned shares.