The judge's decision of the national judicial chamber of Spain, two of the leaders of public organizations of the Catalan nationalist Jordi Caesar and Jordi Sanchez was detained.

On Tuesday, October 17, from 06:00 changes in the movement of buses of routes №№ 24, 55, 62 in connection with enhanced measures to ensure public safety in the Central part of the capital during the overlap of some streets.

The national guard became a full member of the Association of the gendarmerie forces and police of the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean (FIEP).

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine filed a lawsuit against the State audit service, which had identified irregularities in the procurement of fuel, the company "trade Commodity".

The chief Prosecutor of the Netherlands Fred Westerbeke, who heads the international investigation team (JIT) in the case of MH17, said that the investigation has no doubt belonging to SAM "Buk" of the Russian Federation for the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing-777

A few soldiers of the 17th battalion 57 brigade opposed the new brigade commander. At the headquarters of ATO stated that a working group with the involvement of the military police.

At the meeting of the UN General Assembly Ukraine 177 votes, was elected to the UN Council on human rights in 2018-2020

First Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko said that the government of Hungary with his statements about the blockade of the European aspirations of Ukraine, shows that he was indifferent to the fate of the Hungarians living in Ukraine.

The leader of fighters "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko declared about detention "group of persons suspected of involvement in the elimination of" Motorola "- one of leaders of insurgents Arsen Pavlov.

Tomorrow in connection with carrying out of mass actions in Kiev from 06.00 will be blocked some streets in the Central part of the city.

Today in the Donbass again became calm. Since the early days of the Russian occupation groups 12 times broke the silence mode. More than half of attacks is recorded on Donetsk direction.