The bill relative to the sphere of medicine, which suggested that the government isn't reform.

Today, October 16, will be held all-Ukrainian premiere of the documentary "Invisible Battalions" of Ukrainian women in the war.

MP-fugitive Alexander Onishchenko, who is suspected of organizing corruption schemes for the resale of gas, claims to have received political asylum in another on 4 April.

Russia has fined one of the most popular messengers.

The commander of the 3rd MSB of the 7th brigade of the 1st corps of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the Donbass, Yuriy Sviridov (call Machete) has killed a pregnant woman in the occupied Donbas.

The U.S. will soon take a decision on the transfer of lethal weapons to Ukraine.

Naval forces of the United States and South Korea begin large-scale joint exercises off the coast of the Korean Peninsula in the Japan and Yellow seas.

Board member of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO resigned, as it will represent the company "trade commodity" in the case of possible corruption in the procurement of fuel for the army.

The Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine prepared the draft law on the state environmental strategy until 2030.

To apply for admission to macspecialist will those who receive at least 150 points on the EIT on all necessary items

As of Monday morning, in military warehouses near the town of Kalynivka, open fires burning and the explosions of ammunition are observed.