To participate in the contest for the best repair of automotive vehicles attracted one of the best representatives of the maintenance divisions of Land forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine and arms the APU.

In the Volynsk area employees of tax police stopped activity of underground shop where they had been adulterated alcohol.

Luhansk separatist and stripper Anastasia Petrikova, which is headed by opposition leader of terrorists Igor Carpentry organization "Lugansk guard", have made removal from the rental in the occupied Lugansk Russian film "Matilda".

The militants were allowed to open fire on civilian traffic in case the driver fails to stop on demand.

Spain's constitutional court annulled the Declaration of independence of Catalonia, adopted by the Parliament of the region October 27.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will consider a draft resolution on the monetization of subsidies in the coming weeks.

Searches are carried out at the place of residence of potential defendants in proceedings on the fact of a possible embezzlement of public funds in the purchase of backpacks, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The high Council of justice dismissed Lyudmila Kozyatnyk as a judge of Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev

The civil guard of Spain conducts searches on Tuesday in the several departments of the Catalan Autonomous police, the Mossos d'esquadra, to obtain documents related to the referendum on Catalan independence from the Spanish crown.

In the village of Dacha near Odessa began construction of a new military camp for the Marines of Voyenno-naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine with the requisite infrastructure, whose total cost is estimated at 250 million.

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