This and the next session of the Verkhovna Rada are crucial, because in this period of double elections – presidential and parliamentary,

The Prosecutor General's office has received court permission to conduct a special pre-trial investigation against the former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

In hospitals do not give the baby boxes that were supposed to be issued from September 1 at discharge to all mothers.

As of 14:00 the mercenaries of the Russian Federation started a single passage of people and vehicles through the line of differentiation on Donbass.

The leader of terrorists "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko was not the target of the explosion in Donetsk cafe "Separable" because it was going to soon retire. Most likely it was planned liquidation "of the Minister of revenue DNR" Alexander Timofeev Callsign Tashkent.

A body was found today, September 1. According to the witness, the guy fell from the third floor. Probably he was trying to get into the Dorm room.

The murder of the head of the terrorist organization "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko is a provocation.

In "DNR" of public sector employees in the form of an order require to be with families at the funeral of the deceased leader of the breakaway Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

During the year the countries of the European Union became the largest trading partner of the Ukrainian state.

In the comments of Metropolitan Emmanuel Gali (Adamakis) on the results of the meeting of the Constantinople and Moscow patriarchs in Istanbul, there is no word about the decision to grant autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This common tangent in the Ukrainian media information is false.

Since the beginning of the day in the Donbass were 6 sighting of enemy attacks.