In the first half of the day 4 Feb the probable difficulties in the work of the Kerch ferry crossing because of the deteriorating weather conditions.

In Kiev on prospect Shukhevych (Vatutin) there was a terrible traffic accident that killed two people.

Yesterday in the occupied Crimea arrived the delegation of German parliamentarians representing the right populist party.

De-energized settlements in seven areas.

In Simferopol was released Crimean Tatar activist Enver croche, who was sentenced to 10 days for "propaganda of extremist organizations."

Mustache stepped into the ring for a duel of opinions and Gassieva.

Only for a day, February 2, observers recorded 1325 explosions.

Zhovtnevyi district court of Mariupol, Donetsk region convicted two employees of municipal Mariupol local history Museum, which admitted negligence (part 2, article 367 of the criminal code of Ukraine) and contributed to the transfer of 52 paintings of the XVII-XX centuries, the occupation authorities of the Crimea.

After medical reform to cases where there is emergency assistance would be an accident, heart attack, stroke, bleeding, severe traumatic brain injury.

For the past day in the area of the ATO continued activity of the militants of the Russian occupation troops. The aggressor continued to use the positions of the defenders of Ukraine mortars of various calibers, blatantly violating the Minsk agreement.

The problem of the army with material support on the line of contact were in 2014.