"Chain letters," violation of traffic rules have special protection and the possibility of additional ver ification via QR code.

In Kiev for a day has recorded 58 cases COVID-19, 2 people died.

First Deputy Chairman of the Ver khovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk notes that, regarding the draft law on the opposition is already a shared vision.

The fraction of "servant of the people" made a proposal to hear the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov on the Hour of questions to gover nment on Friday.

During the period of quarantine measures cybersecurity the security Service of Ukraine has blocked more than 2.6 million communities with more than a million viewers.

During this plenary week the Parliament will consider the programme of action of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

For the past two weeks, there is approximately the same number of new cases and recovered over the country.

During the protests in Minneapolis came under fire film crew from Deutsche Welle.

In Vyshneve Kiev region ex-police officer fired at passers-by, who reprimanded him for illegal Parking.