Police officers of the Donetsk region revealed the facts of registration as IDPs 4 "DNR".

Four "judges DNR" was registered on the territory controlled by Ukraine as settlers, - Napolitean this informs the mediaUA with reference to the Department of communication of the National police.
In the course of work in the framework of criminal proceedings under part 1 St. 258-3 "creating a terrorist group or terrorist organization" of the Criminal code of Ukraine the office of the special police received operational information about the criminal activities of the judges of the so-called "DNR". It is established that they were registered on the territory controlled by Ukraine, internally displaced persons, being at this time at positions of "judges" in a terrorist organization.
Among the treacherous 60-year-old Horlivka resident, who in 2016 is a terrorist organization the position of Deputy Chairman of the "Supreme court of the Military Tribunal". It is this court declares illegal the verdicts of Ukrainian military, captured, and civilians from Pro-Ukrainian position, who are sent to prison on false pretexts. Before moving into the service of the militants was the Chairman of the Kalinin district court of Gorlovka. Established that the man in 2014 means "displaced person," and was in Konstantinovka.

His colleague, judge "of the Supreme court of the NPT," who lives in the occupied Makiivka, from April 2015 registered as a migrant in the protection area. Another representative of the terrorist organization, the judge "is Central-City court of Makeyevka on", became the registered internally displaced persons in Mariupol. The police have evidence that about a year in her name from the budget of Ukraine transferred to the pension that was in one of the Mariupol post offices. Now the woman is wanted.
Notified of the suspicion and is wanted also, the judge "amvrosievsky on the court," which, according to the reference migrant, were registered first in Slavyansk, 2015 in Kramatorsk.

Now proceed it is investigative-expeditious actions in order to expose the persons involved in the specified unlawful activity, and further bringing them to criminal responsibility.