In September, inflation in annual terms accelerated to 16.4%.

The NBU before the end of the year expects a slowdown inflationary Bank of Ukraine (NBU) expects the slowdown in inflation until the end of 2017, after she has gone beyond the forecast at 9.1%. As reported mediaUA, in an interview with "Interfax-Ukraine" said the Deputy head of the national Bank Dmitry Sologub.
As stated Sologub, the national Bank will publish a new inflation forecast later, noting that by the end of 2017, the inflation in Ukraine is expected to decline.
"We expect the deceleration of inflation to the end of the year. The prognosis is still under discussion - it will be released on the 26th of October, so I would not like to name exact figures. The most important thing. Despite the unpleasant fact of increasing inflation, we do not see any runaway inflation or devaluation of the stunning - nothing like this. Our task now, as policymaker (policy-maker) - the right to communicate and to take the necessary decisions on monetary policy, which could contribute to a return of inflation to the target range," he said.

According to Sologub, on the acceleration of inflation to 16.4% as of September influenced by several factors in the near future should subside.
"It's just a layering of three factors - the internal situation in the tobacco market, the weather plus the increase in export influenced four commodity groups. We evaluate what factors to consider when deciding on monetary policy and what Central Bank should not respond... the Situation is dynamic: when it was deployed in April-may this year, it looked like anaphylactic shock. Now she kind of gradually congealing: this is evident in the price of tobacco, according to the decadal statistics, fixing the beginning of the fall in meat prices," - said Deputy head of the NBU.