The President gave a speech to the soldiers on Sofiyska square.

"When I look into the eyes of the soldiers, I feel like every day we become stronger", - the congratulation Poroshenko on the Day of defender of Ukraineas reports mediaUA, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking to soldiers in day of the defender of Ukraine, paid tribute to the victims of the Ukrainian soldiers with a minute of silence.
"When I look into the eyes of our soldiers at the front, exercises or Games undefeated, I feel that every day we become stronger", - he addressed to the students of the school. Bohun, whom congratulated.
Poroshenko said that today, 75 years since the founding of the Ukrainian insurgent army and cited the example of students Patriotic words of the oath of warriors.

The President also said that Ukraine will become a member of the NATO Alliance and asked the students to grow worthy warriors who can defend our country.
"And today I'm going to our soldiers to give them new weapons. 200 pieces of equipment. Of them - 62 tank," he said.