President Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on the Day of the defender and with the Intercession of the Holy virgin. He noted that October 14 was the official day only three years ago, but immediately had to shower and caught on surprisingly quickly for two reasons.

Holiday defender's Day has taken root in Ukraine for two reasons, – Poroshenko reports mediaUA with reference to 112, the head of state said at the ceremony of taking the oath by the students of Kyiv military Lyceum named Ivan Bohun.
"First, the Ukrainians respect their defenders, love them and are proud of them; the defense of the Fatherland I believe nationwide, nationwide. Secondly, a new holiday based on ancient tradition of the celebration of the Holy virgin, which was considered the patroness of Ukrainian troops. Cover was one of the main holidays of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks", - said the President.

He also said that he put an end to "absurd in our conditions, the holiday of the country-aggressor".
"Three years ago, when Russia annexed the Crimea, occupied part of the Donbass and led diverse hybrid war against Ukraine, in our calendar was the festival of military-historical calendar of the aggressor. The edge of the absurd I put one stroke of the pen, signed a corresponding decree, and subsequently BP has made a new holiday and even weekends," - said Poroshenko.
However, according to him, the celebration today is not only historical.
"He is particularly topical, like no other. It is directly linked to modern heroes: soldiers, volunteers, volunteers, medical workers, employees of defense enterprises," - said the head of state.