First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security of neighboring Russia Franz Klintsevich weary Turkey's decision to prohibit the admission of ships from the ports of the Crimea and believed that it might push Russia to the correction of relations between the two countries.

In the Federation Council of the Russian Federation called "unfriendly" Turkey's decision not to accept ships from the occupied Krymchak reports mediaUA, on 13 October, he said in comments to the Agency "TASS".
"No one doubts the ability of Turkey to pursue a policy that meets its interests. At the same time, artificial protrusion of their ambitions may become an obstacle to joint actions of Russia and Turkey in Syria. But it is much worse if Turkey with its latest steps deliberately pushing us to the correction of relations between the two countries," - said Klintsevich.
He noted that Russia would "closely monitor the situation" and called the decision "unfriendly".
"I don't want to be too categorical in assessments, but the decision of the Ministry of transport, shipping and communications of Turkey is alarming. To put it mildly, cannot be called friendly. Moreover, it is clearly not without pointing finger of the Supreme power of Turkey," - said the Senator.

Earlier, the Turkish side zawila that ships from the Crimean ports will be taken in Turkish.