Under the Ver khovna Rada in the campaign against the revision of the language law.

This writes the correspondent of mediaUA from the scene.
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Activists gathered on Constitution square in front of the Parliament building, where the meeting of the conciliatory Council of Deputy factions and groups. The reason for the rally was the statement of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov in a media interview that the language law needs to be changed.
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Activists brought a symbolic Russian "bast", addressed to Razumkova and also the diploma "for merits in front of Moscow to destroy the Ukrainian identity." Participants of the action hold in hand posters with slogans in defense of Ukrainian language: "Our mova is our weapon", "Poltech to movi - trimas I...", "Sims dilom, not a language", "Razumkov Rostov", "Not chanos MOV - d to Rostov!" etc.
The rally was organized by "the movement of resistance surrender." The organizers said: "the Attacks of the authorities on the law on the state language is another manifestation of the surrender to Russia. Also is an attempt to cover up the failed policies of government, which leads to a decrease in the level of life of Ukrainians and the weakening of the state. Revanchist statements of the ruling regime led to massive unrest and the escalation of the conflict on an empty place."
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Photo: Oleg Bogachuk, mediaUA