The may new car market in Ukraine declined by 15%, according to the Association "Ukrautoprom".

This is with reference to the press service of the Ukrautoprom reported Biznestsentr.
Within a month, the Ukrainians have purchased and registered about 6 thousand new cars, according to "Ukrautoprom".
Only may 12, the service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs began to recover their work, until that time to register the new car was exclusively the duty of STS through electronic communication channels.
The most popular brand on the market of new passenger cars in may, as in the previous year, was Toyota. Within a month, 1,026 cars of this Japanese brand joined the Ukrainian fleet. However, from its year-ago result of Toyota fell behind on 17%.
In second place again Renault, the assets of which 851 registration, 12% lower than a year earlier.
The third position, and 51 percent growth in the KIA cars which picked 671 motorist. The growing demand for KIA cars raised in the may ranking this Korean brand at once on two steps.
For Skoda, a year earlier occupied sixth place. But despite the rise in the rating of the implementation of Skoda decreased by 9% to 289 pieces.
The top five leaders of may with a score of 270 was auto – Mercedes-Benz, last year had only fourteenth position. May the demand for cars with three-beam star in Ukraine increased by 71%.
Best seller of the month was the KIA Sportage with result – 593 registration.
In just five months 2020 your first registration numbers have received almost 30 thousand cars that on 7% less than in the same period last year.