85% of gas consumers in Vinnytsia region from among legal entities concluded with JSC "vinnitsagaz" contracts for maintenance of intrahouse gas networks.

This is with reference to the press service of JSC "vinnitsagaz" according to Biznestsentr.
2019 the service is provided on market terms, ensures the proper condition of networks and security in the use of gas for consumers.
"Vinnitsagaz" on a contractual basis serves the internal network or 3.7 thousand more than 85% of domestic gas consumers in Vinnytsia region, 341 or 69% of industrial enterprises with a consumption capacity of more than 16 cubic meters per hour.
Other enterprises, institutions and organizations of the region, consume gas, carry out maintenance of their networks using their own gas services or by engaging a third-party specialized organizations.
Care about the condition of the internal networks and the owners of the residential houses. At the end of may contracts for maintenance of gas pipelines and gas-consuming equipment with JSC "vinnitsagaz" signed more than 570 condominiums and management companies, as well as 9.2 thousand private households.
"Maintenance of intrahouse gas networks ensures the proper condition of gas pipelines and gas equipment continuity and security in the use of gas for consumers," explains technical Director of JSC "vinnitsagaz" Vladimir Bilash.
The company notes that the condition of the gas equipment, networks, houses, apartments and non-residential premises meet their owners or asset holders. From January 2019, they themselves can choose a contractor who will perform the servici ng of gas appliances and gas supply system of the house.
The lack of regular maintenance leads to the deterioration of networks, loss of reliability and security. It is the basis for the termination of natural gas distribution on the object in accordance with the safety Rules of gas supply systems.
The timing operator shall be responsible for emergency maintenance of gas pipelines, around the clock every day taking emergency calls from gas consumers, free of charge localizes and eliminates an emergency situation. In addition, "vinnitsagaz" and further maintains the free gas meters installed by the company.