Gas transit through the gas transportation system of Ukraine in January-may 2020 declined to 20 billion cubic meters, or 46% (of 36.9 billion cubic meter s) compared with the same period of 2019.

This is with reference to "Operator GTS of Ukraine" according to Biznestsentr.
In January-may the average daily transit amounted to 132 million cubic meters of gas, and in March, it locks at the level of 150-155 million cubic meters / day.
"While maintaining such pace the annual volume of transit may amount to 52-55 billion cubic meters, which will be the lowest indicator for all history of Ukraine's GTS", - stated in the message.
The company reminded that in accordance with the signed agreement Gazprom shall pay for booked capacity for the transit from Russia in 2020, based on the amount of 65 billion cubic meters.