In Vyshneve Kiev region ex-police officer fired at passers-by, who reprimanded him for illegal Parking.

About it on the page in the network Facebook is reported, the police Kiev region, reports mediaUA.
At midnight on spetsliniyu "102" received a message from residents of cherry that heard the sound of gunfire. To a scene promptly there arrived the squad of patrol response unit of the police. Police interviewed the participants of the incident and caused the victims to the ambulance. Also at the scene police seized the sleeve.
It turned out that the street there was a quarrel between pedestrians and the driver signs of intoxication, about the wrong Parking of his car.
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The conflict escalated into a fight, and later the driver pulled out a gun and made it a bit chaotic shots. The man voluntarily gave police a weapon - a device for shooting rubber bullets, which in the future will be sent for examination.
After medical examination all the participants of the incident, left the medical facility.
The intruder was 34-year-old citizen, with him now, investigators are working. All persons involved in the conflict sent for forensic examination to establish the severity of injury.
On this fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 4 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The sanction of article provides imprisonment for the term from three till seven years. The issue of the announcement of suspicion and the election of a preventive measure. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.
It is noted that a bully is a former police officer. This man was dismissed from the National police for a number of violations of discipline, for conduct that offends the honor and dignity of a police officer and for driving in an alcohol intoxication.
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