During the protests in Minneapolis came under fire film crew from Deutsche Welle.

It is reported mediaUA, this writes DW.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video For a few minutes before a live broadcast in the night of Sunday, may 31, reporter Stefan Simons (Stefan Simons) and the operator Max FERG (Max Foerg) were fired by the police. Video from the scene shows how after the sound of the shot one of the men standing a few dozen meters down the police object resembling a weapon.
During the ensuing altercation, the police demanded that the journalists DW to leave the scene of the protests, despite the fact that they filed a document on accreditation. "My operator was at risk even more than I do. It could end really badly," was soboil Simons after the incident. He also pointed out that the police were in a state of severe stress.
This is not the only incident with the media during a continuing several days of protests in the United States. Simons reported that shortly before the incident with his film crew three police car for reasons unknown surrounded working on the site of journalists of another channel. May 30 from rubber bullets injured two employees of the Reuters new s Agency and a correspondent for Swedish Newspapers.
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May 29, in Minneapolis, was detained the crew of TV channel CNN, which was reporting on the protests. The video on the channel's website you can see how the police surrounded the CNN journalist Omar Jimenez and stated that he was arrested. On the question of Jimenez, in which he is accused, there was no answer.
As reported, the protests in the United States, which quickly escalated into mass riots, pogroms of shops, sprung from the death on may 25, 46-year-old African American George Floyd. The man died shortly after police detention.
Since Thursday police have arrested nearly 1,400 people in 17 cities across the country. Seven States and the Federal capital district of Columbia asked the help of the National guard of the United States in the suppression of riots.
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