During this plenary week the Parliament will consider the programme of action of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

This was at a meeting of the conciliation Board of leaders of fractions and chairmen of committees Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov, reports mediaUA with reference to UNIAN.
"Was the expressed position of the Committee (probably talking about the decision of more than 10 committees to submit the action plan of the government for revision. - Ed.) and I think that given that we will be able to continue the cooperation with the Cabinet of Ministers", - he said.
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Razumkov announced that this week will address issues that relate to the fight against organized crime, in particular "the so-called law of thieves", and also bills that relate to the creative industry and medicine.
In addition, he noted that today, there are 273 parliamentary inquiry and "they, unfortunately, can not be put into operation until such time as they will be announced", so you need to cancel under "Miscellaneous" and instead read out the requests of people's deputies.
"I'm sure "Different" is important, but without a "Different" this Friday we will be able to survive and replace that time in order to read out the requests", - said Chairman of BP.
As is known, in accordance with the Regulations, the plenary weeks on Friday from 13:00 to 14:00 MPs are in the session hall under the heading "Miscellaneous" on any issues that they consider important.
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The fraction of "servant of the people" offers the Verkhovna Rada to consider the government's programme Thursday, 4 June, said the first Deputy Chairman of the faction, Alexander Kornienko, writes Interfax-Ukraine.
"Regarding the government's program: we propose to defer its consideration on Thursday, so we Tuesday and Wednesday worked on the laws and on Thursday already to dedicate time to vote for the programme of action of the government", - said Kornienko.
"Servant of the people" also offers to cancel the evening session of the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday and Thursday and keep mode until 15:00 these days, and work schedule on Wednesday to leave unchanged in order that the deputies could work in the committees.
"If this proposal gets support, I would have asked the regulatory Committee to help us with the organization of this proposal," - said the first Deputy Chairman of the faction.