Irshavsky the chief doctor of district hospital, "not to spoil the stunning epidemiological situation", has concealed information about COVID-19 the patient, who soon died.

Wrote about this on his page in Facebok blogger Le Sarkani, reports mediaUA.
According to him, the chief physician of the hospital Sergey Karaki "decided to take as an example doblestnyy Nikolaev - to show zeroes in statistics COVID-19 and hold the line.
A few days ago together with a colleague Panko (the Manager of polyclinic office) the doctor was hospitalized in the cardiology mother last with a fever and shortness of breath. To secretly prokapat a patient with symptoms of coronavirus infection, and not to spoil the lovely epidemiological situation.
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And Junior medical personnel, who began to suspect something, Carsley was forbidden to wear masks and gloves they say, then you sho a mask-show want, here we are all well. Virus no.
When the smell of fried and the woman called a priest for confession, then had to take a picture of the lungs and test for the coronavirus.
Somewhere in this moment with irshavsky district hospital who freaked out and leaked to the Internet a photo of the document with a confirmed diagnosis women. Then someone is very excited of the Transcarpathian regional state administration dashed the statement in bodies opened a criminal case and figured out who had revealed this terrible secret.
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So ... the Woman, tired of such treatment protocols, soon departed to another world. And her neighbor in cardiology, having received the gift, retreated to the regional infektsionku in Uzhgorod.
But n#zdets not ended. Karaki quickly protested fifty personnel of the rapid tests, which in the first days of infection show a little less than them#I - because what else is there in the blood with the relevant antibodies. Everything is clean, no virus.
Here is the active opposition to coronavirus in Irshava district. The bitter struggle. Bloody batch."
As the First cable reports with reference to Director of the Department of health Transcarpathian regional state administration Elizabeth Birov, today 112 medical workers of the two offices Irshavsky district hospital were sent to the isolation due to possible contact with a sick mers patient. For the last three days these doctors, conducted 143 rapid test and 35 PCR tests for the coronavirus.