Microsoft will provide $20 million to combat coronavirus COVID-19 within the framework created by the American company of a program AI for Health. Thanks to her academics and non-profit organizations and companies in the healthcare sector will be able to get access to tools for processing data, including by using artificial intelligence.

This writes Kommersant, reports Biznestsentr.
"We are mobilizing our AI initiative for Health to focus on helping those who are at the forefront of research COVID-19. We will focus our efforts in five specific areas where we think data analysis and skills of our researchers will be able to have the greatest impact. We will give this $20 million," - said in a press release.
According to Microsoft, the work will focus on five areas:
on the data collection to ensure the safety of people and informing about the economic consequences COVID-19;on research to develop vaccines, methods of diagnosis and treatment of the virus;
the recommendations on the allocation of scarce resources (e.g., beds in hospitals and medical equipment);
on the dissemination of accurate information to mini mize misinformation;
to support scientific research to study COVID-19.
In March, Microsoft founder bill gates has left the Board of Directors of the company. He continues to work as Advisor to the General Director of the IT Corporation Satya Nadella. Their efforts gates has promised to focus on charitable activities. In January, his Foundation has contributed $10 million to combat the spread of coronavirus, later he decided to spend the $90 million.