Dozens of ambulances with patients who have suspected pneumonia and COVID-19, got stuck in traffic at the entrance to the clinical center FMBA in Moscow suburb of Khimki.

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In the operations center to monitor the situation with coronavirus in the FMBA of Russia confirmed that the number of patients for the last two days has increased: it is noted the influx of people with a confirmed diagnosis, suspected him with pneumonia.
In the sit room said that all patients will be assisted and they will be put in the hospital.

"The administration of medical institutions shall take all possible measures for the fastest possible allocation of patients to the wards. We ask all to be understanding, since such situations are not of a systemic nature", - stated in the message oberstab.
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In the sit room also underlined that patients with COVID-19 take 13 urban hospitals as well as in several Federal hospitals and private hospitals, in particular in the Federal clini cal centre of high medical technologies.

According oberstab in emergency mode is working in all hospitals and stations of emergency medical assistance.
Note that according to the operational headquarters of the Russian Federation, for the past day the number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia increased by 1786 people. New cases detected in 57 regions of the country, for the first time the diagnosis COVID-2019 put in Tuva.

Victims of coronavirus infection over the past day were 18 people, 12 of whom died in Moscow. This is a record number of deaths of patients with COVID-2019 with the start of the epidemic.Only in Russia during the pandemic died of 94 patients with coronavirus.