In the zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the ter ritory Korogodsky, Denisovskogo and Kotovsky forestry is still observed decay herbal flooring separate pockets.

This writes the State service for emergency situations, transfers mediaUA.
"As of 7 p.m. April 12 in the exclusion zone and unconditional (mandatory) resettlement divisions of gschs together with the workers of the forest protection GAS continues to extinguish the fires on the territory Korogodsky, Kotovsky and Denisovskogo forestry. Observed burning grass flooring and the forest floor separate foci", - stated in the message on the official website of gschs on Sunday morning.
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To extinguish fires brought 353 people and 89 units of equipment, including from gschs 294 personnel and 64 pieces of equipment (including 3 aircraft an-32P and 2 helicopters of the SSES, which APR 11, carried out 107 rejections - 250 tons of water).
The background radiation in Kiev and Kiev region in the normal range and does not exceed natural background values (Kiev - 0,013 Mr/h in Kyiv oblast - in the range is 0.011 Mr/h with an acceptable background of 0.05 Mr/h).
In the exclusion zone and unconditional (mandatory) resettlement levels equivalent dose of gamma radiation did not change (Chernobyl - 0,020 Mr/h, on KDP dytiatky 0.01 Mr/h at the control and an acceptable level of 0.055 Mr/HR).

The state Agency on exclusion zone management