Business jet Suite Embraer Legacy flew in from London to the airport of Marseille-Provence. Out ten of his passengers had planned on helicopter s to reach the French city of Cannes.

As reported mediaUA with reference to the British Mirror, on Board were seven men 40-50 years old and three female 24-27 years old. The tourists from Germany, France, Romania and Croatia (including a Villa and a plane) was paid by a Ukrainian.
The police informed the airport that all but French citizens (two men and one woman), will be denied entry, but, nevertheless, the plane landed, told CNN the representative of the air border police.
Then Ukrainian suggested to militiamen cash. "He said they all go to the Villa and there are closed and that won't be a problem. But it was clearly an easy ride, and in accordance with the containment measures is strictly prohibited. They planned to come and have a good time on the Riviera, despite the epidemic of the coronavirus," said a source Mirror.
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Tourists were arguing with the police and became angry when three awaiting their helicopter was ordered not to take anyone on Board, and their pilots were fined for violation of quarantine rules.
Nine passengers, including the French, returned to London, and Ukrainian flew to Berlin, reports CNN. Note that the paper calls the organizer of the citizen of Croatia. Which on arrival was told to militiamen that has a "lot of money" and wanted to "just pay the fine and go to Cannes".