The leader of the "NF" Yatsenyuk convinced that Ukraine needs to go its own way democratic, effective, professional and Pro-Western.

We have the power to avoid drama, because we are almost on the verge.

He stated closing 12-th Kyiv Forum on 12 April, reports mediaUA.

"History repeats itself. And now we have the power to avoid drama, because we are almost on the verge. At least - on the brink of crisis. If it is a crisis, I can agree with that as a crisis Manager. The crisis at least makes it impossible. But if it's drama let's do everything to avoid it," - said Yatsenyuk.

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He also stressed that he "remains optimistic" about the future of Ukraine.

"Now we are faced with challenges or crisis, or options, or opportunities. And we must answer them. For the sake of Ukraine and prosperous future of every Ukrainian," - said the politician.

"We never go out of its way. We must go his own way. Have to convince people that the important values and principles, not just entertainment. It is important things that affect everyone's lives," he said.

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"We will win this fight. We must go his own way and our way is democratic, effective, professional and Pro-Western," - said Yatsenyuk.

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