In the area of operations of the combined forces in organized stages voted not only soldiers APU.

The vote on the special stages in the area of the OOS does not display the result of the army - Sergeant of the reserve of Brest

As reported mediaUA, about this on air of the program "Information day" on "channel 5" said the Sergeant of the operational reserve APU, writer Martin Brest.

"Some voted and the local population, as they have not had the opportunity to register and vote in another place. And after being passed a vote - we see some results. It is not the results of the army. This results in the force (EP. - Ed.) army, plus local. This is the General picture. The army itself had voted differently," explained Brest.

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He noted that the army is heterogeneous, but there still remains a high percentage of Patriotic and active people. However, military personnel also affected the situation with the command at the level of companies and battalions.

"Mobilization took place, the children are on the contract. And there reprimanded, and his sperm - minus the money. And most of the officers "caught the crown". And how they usually let themselves go with the staff is in any frame does not climb. And the soldier could not choose a company commander may not choose a commander. And he said, "here's the President, he gave you the commander of the brigade, battalion," and he doesn't like," said the Sergeant.

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