The United States expanded sanctions list for Venezuela – they added another four companies and nine oil tankers, the report said the U.S. Treasury Department.

The United States expanded sanctions against Venezuela

This is with reference to ZN.UA according to Biznestsentr.

US sanctions imposed against companies from Liberia Jennifer Navigation, Lima Shipping and Large Range. A fourth company, fell under the sanctions – Italian PB Tankers S. P. A. Tankers listed to go under the flags of Malta, Italy, Greece and Panama.

Justification for the inclusion of companies and ships to the sanctions list of the U.S. Treasury in a press release pointed out the information that all four firms allegedly "working in the oil sector of the Venezuelan economy", and tankers transporting oil from Venezuela to Cuba.

January 29, Washington blocked the assets of state oil company PDVSA in the United States. The administration of Donald trump has forbidden American companies to engage in financial transactions with the PDVSA subsidiary Citgo, was in Texas, until that moment, while it remains under the control of the government Maduro.

6 April United States of America imposed sanctions against 34 vessels that are relevant to the oil and gas company PDVSA and against two companies that supply the Venezuelan oil to Cuba. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that with these sanctions want to deprive the government of support from Cuba.

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