Founder of the Chinese technology company Xiaomi Lei Jun has received an award worth more than 962 million dollars.

The founder of Xiaomi received an award of $962 million

This is with reference to the BBC reports Biznestsentr.

The fact of payment is confirmed in the annual report of the company for the year 2018.

Xiaomi has previously stated that it intends to pay a bonus in the form of shares of Lei Jun in recognition of his eight years of loyalty to the company.

Lei Jun, in turn, has pledged to donate the sum of "charitable purpose" after she deduct taxes.

636,6 million shares, which have received Lei Jun, cost of 7.54 billion Hong Kong dollars (962 million U.S. dollars).

The amount is almost comparable to almost $ 1.3 billion, which amounted to a net profit of Xiaomi in the year.

The transfer of shares is in addition to any payments which the company conducts Lei Jun, including salary and dividends, the exact amount of which Xiaomi calls.

For the first time the company issued its shares on the stock exchange in Hong Kong in July 2018.

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