Representatives of the headquarters Zelensky was not on the debate teams of the presidential candidates on the TV channel "espresso TV" on the evening of 12 April. The reason was "compelling circumstances".

Team Zelensky did not participate in the debates, citing "compelling circumstances"

It is reported mediaUA, told the chief editor of "Novinar" Dmitry Lihovy invited to the debates as an expert.

According to him, the debate's moderator, Yegor Checherinda explained that as of the evening of 11 April, the participation in the debate from the team Zelensky confirmed Ruslan Stefanchuk responsible for the ideological aspects to the staff. On Thursday evening at Zelensky said channel on the replacement Stefanchuk at the "young activist" Svyatoslav Urasa. However, 40 minutes before broadcast, it became known that yurash also not coming. Another speaker staff Zelensky was not offered.

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The presenter stated that the team Zelensky thus broke the script program prepared for Prime-time Friday night.

"I personally called the team to see, and there, apologized, explained that they have such compelling circumstances and they will come next time," said Checherinda.

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