On April 17 in Moscow scheduled court hearing, which will consider the petition for prolongation of terms of detention of prisoners of war 24 Ukrainian sailors.

Court April 17 will consider the extension of arrest of Ukrainian prisoners of war to seamen, - Polozov

It is reported mediaUA, reported the coordinator of the group of lawyers representing the interests of sailors Nikolai Polozov.

"According to preliminary data obtained from the investigation materials in support of the petition for prolongation of terms of detention in respect of 24 prisoners of war of Ukrainian sailors will arrive in the Lefortovo district court of Moscow on Monday 15 April.

The court meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 April. As in January, the Lefortovo district court of Moscow will hold hearings in respect of prisoners of war for four, distributing them between the three judges in "two shifts"," - wrote Polozov.

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According to him the morning of 17 April there will be a court meeting in respect of the 12 sailors: the First Quartet: Andrew Drach, Denis Gritsenko, Viacheslav Zinchenko, Mikhail Vlasyuk; the second group: a novel mokryak, Andrew Oprysko, Eugene Semidotsky, Sergey Tsybizov; the third Quartet: Vladimir Tereshchenko, Bogdan Golovashov, Sergey Popov, Andrey Shevchenko.

At 14:00 there will be a court session in respect of other prisoners of war: the fourth Quartet: Bogdan Fiction, Yuri Buzilo, Vladimir Lisovoy, Yuri Bezhyazichniy; fifth Quartet: Andrey Artemenko, Andrew Adair, Vasiliy Soroka, Oleg Melnychuk; sixth Quartet: Victor Bespalchenko, Vladislav Kostyshin, Mr Varies, Sergei Choliba.

Recall, the naval forces of Ukraine on 25 November reported that the edge ships of the Russian Federation has carried out aggressive actions against the Ukrainian courts who have made a planned transition from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol. In particular, the Russian boundary ship "don" rammed Ukrainian RAID tug, which had damaged the main engine of the ship, the trim and railing, as well as lost on that raft. While Navy APU emphasize that the intention to migrate was warned in advance and had acted within international law.

At the same time, the FSB said that three Ukrainian warships in the sea of Azov "illegally entered the territorial waters of the Russian Federation and headed to the Kerch Strait".

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As a result of illegal actions of the Russian security forces had captured three ships of the Ukrainian Navy and captured 24 Ukrainian servicemen. Controlled by the Russian Federation occupied the court of Simferopol chose the measure of restraint for 24 seamen's detention until 25 January 2019.

November 30 sailors moved to Moscow, 21 Ukrainian was taken to a Moscow jail "Lefortovo", 3 wounded - in the "Matrosskaya Tishina".

On 15 and 16 January Lefortovo court of the Russian Federation adopted the decision to extend by three months the term of arrest of 24 captured Ukrainian sailors. Thus, under arrest, they will remain at least until the end of April.

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