Yesterday in the Main military medical clinical centre of the State border service of Ukraine in Kiev Kramatorsk helicopter evacuated a soldier of the border guard detachment was wounded in the area of operations of the joint forces.

Wounded by a sniper on PPC "Marinka" border guard helicopter evacuated to Kiev in Ukraine. PHOTO

This informs the mediaUA with reference to the press service of the interior Ministry.

A border officer on the day, being the shift supervisor of border duties on PPC "Marinka", as a result of sniper fire was wounded in the leg.

The soldier was immediately taken to a local hospital, where he received the necessary medical assistance, he was later moved to a military hospital APU. Yesterday, officer helicopter APU delivered in Kharkov, and from there the border helicopter evacuated to Kiev.

Read the " mediaUA": the shelling of the checkpoint "Marinka" sniper Russian mercenaries wounded border guard - the state border service

Now, the health of border guards stable and correspond to the severity of operative intervention. Threat of life.

At the moment, the passage of persons and vehicles through PPC "Marinka" by decision of the commander of OOS temporarily suspended.

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