Brexit may not take place if the Parliament and the government in London will not be able to reach a compromise on the Treaty with Brussels.

The UK Prime Minister may: "we Have a serious choice: to withdraw from the EU without a Treaty or to withdraw from it altogether,"

As reported mediaUA citing UKRINFORM, this is reported in the statement of the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, which was circulated by the press service of her office.

"Since Parliament has made it clear that he will prevent withdrawal from the EU without a deal, we now have a serious choice: to withdraw from the European Union without a contract or not to get out of it at all."

The head of the British government stressed that he remained in his position: "We must achieve Brexit, and for this we need to agree on the terms of the contract."

The longer you will drag the fight for a majority in Parliament, the higher the risk that the United Kingdom did not come from the EU, said Theresa may: "this will mean that Brexit, which was voted the British people, we will flow through your fingers. I do not approve".

According to policy, yet this week she is going to go to Brussels to seek a postponement Brexit.

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As you know, Prime Minister Theresa may sent a request to the EU on the extension of the deferral Brexit until June 30. According to the proposal, may, if British parliamentarians time to negotiate an agreement on Brexit, Britain can leave the EU before the European Parliament elections on 23 may.

Today, according to the agreements with the EU, Britain should leave the EU on 12 April. Moreover, it will be "hard" Brexit, if Parliament does not approve the agreement.

The emergency EU summit, which will discuss the issue of Brexit, will be held April 10.

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