In the UK began to issue passports without the words "European Union" on the cover, despite the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The UK has started to issue passports with no mention of the European Union. PHOTO

About it writes Kommersant with reference to Sky News, reports Biznestsentr.

As reported in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country, the documents put into circulation on March 30, 2019.

"For British citizens will not make any difference whether they use the passport with the words "European Union" or passport without it. Both options give you the opportunity to travel," said the interior Ministry in the UK.

TRULY APPALLED. Picked up my new passport today - my old one expires in the next couple of months. See below: Spot the difference!

— Susan Hindle Barone (@SpinHBarone) April 5, 2019

As state agencies are still stocks of passports of the old sample, they will continue to issue along with a new one, added the Agency.

On the eve of Prime Minister Theresa may appealed to the European Council with a request to postpone Brexit until 30 June 2019. The British Parliament was not able to determine the appropriate option agreement on the withdrawal from the EU.

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