In Ukraine over 2018 has increased the number of operating agricultural service cooperatives for 125 units, today there are around 735.

The number of agricultural cooperatives in Ukraine for the year increased by 20% – agriculture Ministry

It is stated in the message of Ministry of agrarian policy and food, reports Biznestsentr.

"Association of producers in cooperatives is an effective form of business, because the cost optimization opens up many prospects for expansion of production, and as a result increase profits. Last year, Ukraine has a state program to compensate the cooperatives 70% of the cost of the equipment purchased, used 6 agricultural service cooperatives, 2 of which are newly created," - commented Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Victor Sheremet.

So, state support was provided to the dairy cooperatives and fruit activities for the purchase of equipment for storage and processing of agricultural products for the sum more than 8,5 million UAH.

As a result, three cooperatives dairy (Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy regions) purchased 286 pieces of equipment to create plants for the production of hard cheeses and three cooperative fruit direction (Transcarpathian, Ternopil, Chernihiv regions) purchased 16 pieces of equipment to create workshops for primary processing and storage of fruit and berry production (cooling and deep freezing).

"Of course, the number of cooperatives benefiting from the state support is small. Therefore, I urge farmers to follow the example of colleagues who have tested its effectiveness. Business is always a risk, but the goal of public assistance is to reduce this risk to a minimum", - said Sheremet.

He added that the Ministry of agriculture is actively engaged in dialogue with representatives of the agricultural unions to seek joint solutions to improve the fundamentals of public assistance. Thus, agricultural service cooperatives were expanded areas of activity for which they may receive government support, adding vegetable cooperatives for the harvesting and processing of berries, mushrooms and plants, and bee products. In addition, 70% of the cost kompensiruet not only for Ukrainian equipment, but also equipment for transportation of agricultural products.

According to the Deputy Minister, cooperatives, which enjoy the state support of updating of material-technical base of production. Good management of this will ensure the increased production of value-added products.

"Products with added value, in turn, saturate the domestic market with quality food and enhances the export potential of the country. In addition, the creation of new and expansion of existing cooperatives creates more jobs, which positively affects the social level of life of the local population," said Sheremet.

Compared to 1 January 2018 735 operating agricultural service cooperatives: molocharka - 186 (+44), the land cultivation and harvest - 162 (+16), cold - 35 (-16), fruit and vegetable - 113 (+ 34), grain - 41 (1) and the provision of other services - 198 (+46).

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