For duty in Kyiv brought the police special assignment unit of the tactical and operational response of the police patrol.

The Metropolitan police has increased patrols, - Krishchenko. Photos

As reported in the press service of the city police, increased patrols have taken up the "mobile rapid response teams," writes mediaUA.

Working off of the streets of the capital started from the Central part of the city near the railway station.

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According to the head of the Metropolitan police Andrey Krishchenko, such measures are associated with the onset of warm weather, when the level of street crime typically increases.

Daily in Kiev, the streets are also four mobile patrol group of ten militiamen, the police officer dialogue and nine members of the police special forces, and tactical / operational response.

"Arriving on the vehicles that will be parked in the center of the territory patrolling, they will be allocated on a outfits and on foot to work on the allotted land," he told police.

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