Deputies of the Lviv city Council adopted a resolution "On approval of the investment project "construction of the suspension review ropeway for use by the recreational opportunities of the Park "High castle".

The lions announced a competition for the construction of a cableway in the Park "High castle"

About this Brazil Interfax-Ukraine, reports Biznestsentr.

"Review of suspended cable car attraction will perform the review function, as well as the creation of conditions of inclusion for all categories of visitors, including people with limited mobility, viewpoints and monuments of archeology and architecture in the Park "High castle", – stated in the message of the Lviv city hall.

The project was initiated by public organization "Lviv regional organization "Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities".

Lviv officials believe that to participate in the investment competition will be a lot.

"The more – the better for the city. Everything is very regulated, the position of UNESCO, the position of the town planning Board, the Ministry of culture. Limitations are many, and we have secured all the points. Even the walls will repair that are the school fence," – said at city hall.

Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy stressed that participation in the competition is open to both Ukrainian foreign investors.

The investment project envisages the construction of a complex suspension review ropeway, footbridge of memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes across the street Krivonosa, measures for the improvement of parks "High castle" and "Shafts" within the territory of the project implementation and other components and actions defined in an Investment project.

The information also reported that the investment project will be implemented in the framework of the UNESCO world heritage site "Lviv – the ensemble of the historic centre (Ukraine)," the Park "High castle" and "Shafts" which are parks-monuments of garden-Park art and are on the balance Lviv municipal enterprise "Green lions".

The length of the ropeway will be 524 meters, elevation 84,0 m. the Estimated total cost of design and construction of the complex, the cable car is more than 330 million UAH.

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