President Petro Poroshenko pledged his future approval of resignation of Andrey Gordeev from the post of Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration will be not the last decision regarding names mentioned among customers of murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

The initiative "Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?": Poroshenko promised that approval of the application Gordeeva is not the last solution

As reported mediaUA, this was announced by the initiative "Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?" on his page in Facebook.

The statement said that the representatives of the initiative met with Poroshenko without the media and audio recorders on April 6. Following the meeting, they said that the President and activists in the case of Gandzyuk "on one side":

"We learned from Mr. Poroshenko that the statement of Andrey Gordeev about the dismissal of the Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration signed by the President.

We were promised that this is not the last decision about the names that were voiced among customers of murder Gandzyuk.

Waiting for the continuation and thank you for the meeting", - stated in the message.

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