Romanian politician and member of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania Hunor Kelemen 6 April was not allowed to Ukraine, when he was heading to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Hungarian organization "the Society of Hungarian culture of Transcarpathia". Border guards say - was commissioned law enforcement officers.

The Hungarian foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Ukraine Nepop because of the ban on the entry of the head of the Union of Hungarians of Romania, Kelemen

As reported mediaUA with reference to UNIAN, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary summoned the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Budapest Love Nepop in connection with the ban on entry to Ukraine Kelemen.

Of non-admission on territory of Ukraine Kelemen reported in Facebоok, stating that he was refused entry without explanation.

"I could do this (to congratulate the organization with a 30-year anniversary. - Ed.) if the Ukrainian government after one hour of pointless waiting, and border control would allow me to enter the country. They deprived me of the right to enter the country without any explanation. They just said that I can't cross the border," - wrote politician.

He added that he reported the situation to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania and will ask for explanations from the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest.

The speaker of the State border service Oleg Slobodyan comments to "Gromadska" confirmed the fact of refusing Kelemen at the checkpoint "Tisa" in Transcarpathia. And indicated that the guards on an errand "by one of the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine banning him entry".

Hunor Kelemen is a Romanian politician and writer of Hungarian origin. Since 2000, a member of the Chamber of deputies from the Democratic Union of Hungarians. Also took part in the Romanian presidential elections of 2009, placing fifth with 3.83% of the votes. During the three subsequent years as Minister of culture and national heritage.

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