After a year since the start of reforms in the bus transport on interregional routes number of rejected applications carriers fell by 57%.

Refusals for permits for bus routes in Ukraine has decreased by almost 60%

This was during the briefing said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, reports Biznestsentr with reference to PZT.

"In parallel with the bus reform has been initiated reform of the bus stations. Its characteristics is that working application procedure. You don't need to negotiate with the officials, with law enforcement. There is an exhaustive list of the documents you served and in automatic mode, if your documents meet the application receive permission. If the earlier 2/3 of all applications were rejected, now the failures - 5%", - said the Omelyan, Recalling that the reform started in March 2018.

For comparison, the Agency gave the exact figures: over the 10 months prior to the reform, the number of refusals amounted to 405 applications from 653 (62%), 10 months after it started it dropped to 18 applications of their 364 (5%).

"If earlier the routes were divided and everyone knew which company serves which direction, since the beginning of reforms the situation has changed dramatically. We have a separate line where on one route operates 7 companies. Who offered better quality, lower price, he will get more passengers," added the Minister.

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