The suspect in the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk the Chairman of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Munger criticized President Petro Poroshenko's intention to dismiss the head of the Kherson oblgosadministratsii Andrey Gordeev.

Munger - Poroshenko: You betrayed Gordeeva who you were, because of the "handful of activists"

As reported mediaUA, this Munger wrote Sunday on his page on Facebook.

He recalled that the representatives of the initiative "Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?" said that he had been assured Poroshenko that the resignation Gordeeva is granted, and that this is not the last decision in this matter.

"So, President HOGAN will be fired by the President not for reasons of professional activity, but because... a bunch of "activists" insisted on it," says Munger.

"Only to appease some group of people, most of which I'm sure Catherine didn't even know this, at least, is wrong. I am not a supporter of "Solidarity" is obvious. But Your decision had. the opposition is surprising. Fire Gordeeva only forced community "HSCG?" - it is a betrayal of the person who served You right!", - he turned to Poroshenko.

Read the " mediaUA": the Initiative "Hto sanoviv Kate Gandzyuk?" turned to Poroshenko with the requirements of: "21 days Remain. Another chance will not. Think"

Munger also believes that its decision gave the President the ability to "any group calling themselves "activists" to solve questions of the state value, assign its authority and influence the government."

"If we continue to follow such methods, we will never build a strong state, which will be comfortable to live for all, not just those who are more vociferous, arrogant and unprincipled," wrote the head of the regional Council, a suspect in the murder.

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