In Kiev for 7 and 5 years of imprisonment sentenced two fraudsters, who are using a fictitious currency exchange enticed about 2.7 million.

Fraudsters who lured 2.7 million hryvnia through "exchangers" in Kiev, was imprisoned for 5 and 7 years, the Prosecutor's office

As reported mediaUA, this was reported in the press service of the Kyiv Prosecutor's office on the page in Facebook.

According to the prosecution, the attackers had rented the room, which had a back door, settled them under the currency exchange, and then placed online ads about buying and selling foreign currency at the overvalued exchange rate.

"After receiving the client's money, "cashier", according to the distributed roles, with buttons magnetic locks block the door, thus depriving victims of the opportunity to leave the premises. And he at that time fled the scene of the crime together with money", - noted in press service.

So, two attackers in the period from July to August 2017 took control of money of victims in the amount of about 2.7 mln.

As noted, the Darnitsky district court of Kyiv declared both the accused guilty in these crimes, and appointed one of them punishment in the form of 7 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, another - in the form of 5 years imprisonment. After the proclamation of the sentence of these persons into custody in the courtroom.

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